Sami (Nissim) Tito
Sami (Nissim) TitoFounder I Owner
Educated at the renowned Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.
B.Sc. in Architecture and Urban Planning.

Widely regarded as one of Israel’s leading experts in residential development, Sami Tito oversees a highly talented group of professionals who provide consulting, planning, design and implementation services to large public and private concerns. Typical projects include hotels, residendial, commercial and retail environments, office facilities and more.

Sami Tito is a real partner to developers. Keeping in mind the developer’s concept and objectives, he creates designs that are logical in terms of construction requirements, respond to customers’ needs, and which fuel the success of the entire venture.

Yoav Oman
Yoav OmanSenior Architect I Partner
Architecture graduate with a Bsc degree from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland (1999)

Yoav joined the firm in 1998 and became Partner in 2010. Yoav manage all Tito’s projects by leading the professional team. He is an expert focused on urban planning and residential, offices and commercial complexes in Israel and abroad. He also has experience in hi-rise residential projects which combine mixed-use. Today Yoav is our chief architect and coordinator of the entire professional staff.

Maya Tito Vagen
Maya Tito VagenCEO
Maya is a Business school graduate of the College of Management and holds a B.A. in Business Administration (2001).
Maya joined Tito Architects in 2009

Eli Sivan
Eli SivanSenior A.Engineer I Partner
Eli Sivan joined Tito Architects in 1993. In 2010 He became a partner. Eli is a team leader of a large scale of projects and an expert in urban planning he also specializes in residential buildings & single-family dwellings.

Elazar Edelstein
Elazar EdelsteinSenior A. Engineer
Elaazar Edelstein joined Tito Architects in 1998 and brings 25 years of experience with him. Elaazar specializes in residential projects, sport centers, commercial and offices. Elaazar leads a professional team responsible for large various projects.

Vadim Bernstein
Vadim BernsteinEngineer
Vadim Bernstein is a graduate of Baku university in Azerbaijan.
Vadim joined Tito at 2003 and since then as a team leader he is responsible of some of the important and complicated projects such as: Mixed-use towers, residential towers and many other projects in Israel and abroad.

Manor Sisso
Manor SissoArchitect
Manor is a licensed Architect who graduated from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) in Haifa and holds a B. Arch. in Architecture (2008)
Manor joined Tito Architects in 2012 and in short time received responsibility over several design projects and managing the architectural competition team.

Manor brings with him extensive experience in architectural design from the projects’ first concept development through the permit up to supervision.

Marcelo Abramovich
Marcelo AbramovichArchitect
Graduate of the Buenos Aires University of Architecture and Town Planning in Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Marcelo Abramovich joined Tito Architects in 2006 and since then has been designing many and varied projects in Israel and abroad.
Marcelo has a rich experience of over 25 years in designing for residential, commercial and hotel projects around the world.

Shira Tito-Sisso
Shira Tito-SissoArchitect
Graduated of the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) Shira hold a B. Arch. in Architecture (2008)
Shira join Tito architects during her studies and Integrated into a full-time after graduating. Shira is responsible of projects’ concept development, work plans production, Urban planning, presentations etc. Shira specialist in urban renewed projects.

Yana Polinov
Yana PolinovA. Engineer
Yana joined Tito in 2008 and work in the production team.
Yana has years of experience, and the ability of cooperate presently in a professional team.
Hadas Gersh Adler
Hadas Gersh AdlerArchitect
Hadas has a master degree in architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago UIC. Hadas joined Tito in 2015 and integrated into the “TABA” team in work of various projects in the field of urban construction plan, urban renewal, and more.

Irit Fox
Irit FoxA. Engineer
Irit is a gratuate of Architectural engineering and design studies at Technicom Givatayim Israel (1977). Irit joined Tito Architects in 2013 and is responsible for most of the Zoning Departement (Taba) and specialized in the “MAVAT” program for zoning plan. Irit is dealing with costumers and professional consultants on one hand and Planning Commission (local and districts) and official authorities in the other

Oksana Golik
Oksana GolikA. Engineer
Oksana is a graduate of Architectural engineering and design studies (2013).
Oksana joined Tito Architects in January 2013 as part of the production team
Lena Borisov
Lena BorisovA. Engineer
Lena is a graduate of Singalovsky Architectural engineering school (2013).
Lena joined Tito Architects in 2016 as part of the production team
Elisa Cantore
Elisa CantoreA. Engineer
Elisa is a graduate of Tel Aviv University Architectural engineering school (2002).
Elisa joined Tito Architects in 2016 as part of the production team

Evgeny Krychevets
Evgeny KrychevetsArchitect
evgeny made “Aliya” with Masa project in 2016 after graduated from Lviv university in Ukrain 2016
.Evgeny work in the Production team. and specilze in Revit software.
Nadia Friedman
Nadia FriedmanArchitect
Nadia made “Aliya” with Masa project in 2018 after graduated fromkasachstan university in 2015
.Nadia work in the Production team
Doron Mor Yosef
Doron Mor YosefP.E Architecture
Doron Joined Tito-oman in 2020.He responsible for major projects such Raisor ofiices towers, Residetial in Beer Sheva and many more
Esti Bachariko Hanimov
Esti Bachariko HanimovP.E Architecture
Esti Joined Tito-oman in 2021 and immediately integrated into the Production team producing work plans while coordinating consultants for various projects. Esti, a graduate of the Shenkar College of Engineers,